Sunday, January 30, 2011

Living a life poured out for God

William McDowell wrote this song called, "Give us your heart". The lyrics talk about living a life poured out for God. So many, many, many times we say this or sing this; but we don't see the requirement. Living a life poured out for God, means a life of self-denial. Self-denial means surrendering everything for Christ. Everything. Our goals, our wishes, jobs, schools, family. Do we as Christians have that full understanding? I don't think so. The apostles and Prophets of old turned the world upside because of their lives were crucified in Christ. The world was dead to them and they lived lives of self-denial. Why do we do this? We cry out for God to do a mighty work in our life, but God asks us to give up a job or the prospect of marriage and we struggle. We are willing to live a life that we are labouring for worldly possessions; knowing that we are empty inside and we are not satisfied. When, we get to heaven and God shows us what we could have done for him while we were on earth, our hearts will be broken because we live our lives from day to day and just barely trying to stay "saved". We hear the word of God so much, but why is it that its only holding us from week to week. My God, don't let it be so. This year,  matter of fact, the rest of my life, I want to seek first the kingdom of God

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