Monday, April 4, 2011

Openness before God

God said he would take out the stony heart and give his a heart of flesh. When we have a stony heart, we can't feel, our hearts and hardened to God and we can't hear his voice or him calling us. When God gives us a fleshly heart, we feel, we are sensitive to his touch. God says, to us in Psalms to "Trust in the Lord at all time and pour out our hearts before him" We may think, God already knows our hearts, why do we need to tell God what's on heart? But, there is such  a place of brokenness, vulnerability, and intimacy to when you  pour your heart before God. God loves us so much and we forget that. God says, if we delight ourselves in the lord, he will give us the desires of our heart. It's so important as Christians to actively seek after a intimate close relationship with Christ. He says we are his friends. God is MY friend. He shares his heart with me and I with him. I know lately God's been dealing with me. I've become focused on ministry and the work of God, praying about different things and I wasn't seeing the fruit of the prayer, so I began to repress or close my heart to that part of my life, but God said , "No, don't pretend that you don't  have this desire in your heart for me to work in this area, you need to stay vulnerable and open before me. I'm not a man, I don't lie. If I said I will do something, I will do my time. Don't cut off part of your heart to me."
We live in a world, that wants you to be independent and hard. We are told to never trust anyone and we bring this same mistrust and closeness to God. We can't do that. We must trust Christ and pour, pour, pour our hearts before him.

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