Monday, December 27, 2010

Year of 2010

Where did this year go? This was an excellent year, overall. I has a few bumps, hurdels and mountains that I had to overcome, but its been good. Travel a lot this year; I went to pittsburg in Janurary for a youth college conference called Jubilee. For spring break, I went to North Carolina for Habitat for Humanity...which was great. I went to Beaumont, Texas for a minsters convention, which was amazing and my final pit stop was Honduras, which was wonderful. I'm glad God gave me the privilege and opportunity to travel and hear the word of God. Texas was really a blessing, looking back on the word of God that was taught. It was a blessing to be with the people of God in Honduras, who aren't trying to be anything, but people of God. I really can't believe 2011 is around the corner. My prayer is that I live more faithful, more committed, more set apart for Christ.

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