Thursday, February 18, 2010

Continuation of Rough Week

Okay, so I haven't written in a while. The rough week I had last week kinda of pour over unto this week, but its okay because I am still praising God. He is still worthy. We say that so often, that God is worthy through the good and bad times...but when the bad times come..we are hesitant to praise him. Jesus you are still worthy to be praise! You alone are worthy of all glory and honor! Help us lord...Help me Jesus... This song I like is called "All of my praise" by Selah, the lyrics says.."I will follow you through dark disaster and sing Hallelujah through the pain; And even in the shadow of death, I will praise you, And even in the valley, I will say,...Holy, My God, You are worthy of all my praise". You know what the funny thing is? We as look at disasters like Haiti and mindless tragedies like the shooting at University of Alabama and we still feel like everything is going wrong in our little world...even though the things are minute considering the horrible stuff people are going through right now. I don't have much to say...Until next time ~Shekinah~

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